Good Dog, Bad Zombie playtest feedback form
Thank you for playtesting Good Dog, Bad Zombie! Right now we're focusing on how understandable the rules are and how well the game is balanced (how easy it is to win or lose and how often you win or lose). Your feedback is welcome!
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How clear was the rule book, on a scale of 1 (not clear) to 5 (very clear)? The published rule book will have a professional editor and layout artist—but we want to know where we're starting from!
Not clear
Very clear
If there were any parts of the rules or rule book that confused you, what were they?
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Did you win or lose the game? Were you playing on easy or hard mode? (If you remember the score of the rescued hoomans you had and your feral tracker level, please include them!)
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Whether you won or lost, did you feel the game was too easy to play, too hard to play, or generally well balanced?
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