Commitment to Rent and Mortgage Strike during COVID-19 Outbreak
As everyone is surely more than aware, we are now in a moment of "self-isolation" and "social distancing" with a more formal lockdown very likely on the way. Perhaps fewer people are aware that these measures, while socially necessary to prevent the spread of disease, have devastating economic consequences which disproportionately affect low-income families, precarious workers, and other disenfranchised members of our community.

Some voices are now calling for suspension of rent and mortgage payments during this period. We would like in the first instance to add our voice to that call. We believe that the first and essential tool of change is not government fiat and lobbying, but rather direct action taken by regular people to make the changes we want to see.

As such we add to the call for such a suspension with a call for a rent and mortgage *strike* during the crisis. We think that the first step to changing the rules right now is collective refusal. We are calling on everyone—individuals, business, non-profits, and any other entity that has rent or mortgage obligations—not only to withhold payments, but to publicly commit to doing so using the form below. While the world grinds to a halt, we refuse to continue to dutifully pay crippling amounts for basic needs. This is evil in the best of times; this crisis highlights its banality. When it has become impossible for so many of us to work, there is no alternative except to stand together and say: Rent Strike Now! Mortgage Strike Now!

We, the undersigned, are publicly committed to striking on rent and mortgage payments during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Fortnight Wine Bar, Providence, RI
Ian Augustine, Providence, RI
Joe Skitka, Providence, RI
Sarah Schwartz. Providence, RI
Cesare De Credico, Providence, RI
Grace Goodrich, Providence, RI
Mike da Cruz, Providence, RI
Heather Sherman, Providence, RI
Kind Connection, Providence, RI
William Lutz, Providence, RI
Mackenzie Holway, Providence, RI
Carl A. Lizárraga, Providence, RI
Natasha Brennan, Providence, RI
Xiomara España, Providence RI
Xava De Cordova, Providence RI
Mia Matias, Providence, RI
Shyanne Robberson, Riverside, RI
Jarod Radigan, Portsmouth, RI
Timothy Haigh, Providence, RI
Catherine Basile, Pawtucket RI
McKayla Sturges, Providence, RI
John W Kirk III, Providence, RI
Ryan Alves, Providence, RI
Chelsea Roberts, Cranston, RI
Ivonne Hernandez, Pawtucket, RI
Amy Manchester, Providence, RI
Elisa Heim, Providence, RI
Marisa Bettencourt, Cranston, RI
Denise Reidpath, Providence, RI
Thomas Ash, RI
Jessica Remington, Providence, RI
Elijah Rumbarger, Providence RI
Annette Adams, Providence RI

Out of State:
Hannah S., Oakland, CA
Alaia Ortega, New York City, NY
Alana Corwin, Brooklyn, NY
Erik Longabardi, Roslyn, Long Island, New York
Nicole Hakli, NY
Mick Ramos, Boston, MA
Katherine Kott, Vancouver, BC
Gabriela Acero, Oxford, ME
Tanya Savas, Santa Fe, NM/Spokane, Wa
Sarah Fiore, Manhattan, NY
Nat Baldwin, Portland, ME
Zoe Laird, Brooklyn, NY
Vanary Mei, Chicago, IL
Kyle Nickolas, Fayetteville, WV
Amnda Horan, Morgantown, WV
Alejo Kraus-Polk, Davis, CA
Chrystal Cortez, San Francisco, CA
Christopher Wolverton, Mount Nebo, WV
Chelsea Deez, Oakland, CA
Chelsea Bowler, New Haven, CT
Viviana Villar, Chicago, IL
Mac Popetz, Chicago, IL
Ryan Wilkinson, Morgantown, WV
Josie Breck, Baltimore, MD
Anna Rosa Njissang, San Francisco CA
Ronald Watson, Atlanta, Ga
Steve Grover, United Kingdom
Kelsey Ringenberg, Los Angeles, CA
Jessica Chiartas, Davis, CA
Gavin Chaboya, Davis, CA
Chris LeBoa, San Leandro, CA
Charles White, Nashville, TN
Eric Peterson, Birmingham, AL
Mary Bee, Asheville, NC
Lilly Kane, Portland, OR, USA
Alessandra Bolger, Oakland CA
Apeh Clary, Durham, NC
Dante DiVozzi, Seattle, WA
Jessica Hanley, Boston, MA
Zach Huber, Los Angeles, CA
Mary Vaughan, Brooklyn, NY
Marilou Mineau-Vézina, Québec, CA
Arthur Katrina, Brooklyn, NY
Anya De La Torre, Brooklyn, NY
Danny Blakeman, Brooklyn, NY
Vukica Lungulov-Klotz, Brooklyn, NY
Erin Scannell, Asheville NC
Samantha Tansey, Los Angeles, CA
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Would you have been able to pay your rent/mortgage during this crisis if you weren't striking? (private)
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