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In many of your congregations, you may already have a social witness ministry, a social justice committee or a collection of people dedicated to justice work. The Office of Public Witness invites you to organize and formalize a Grassroots Advocacy Team to engage your congregants and community members in the creation of public policy and the advancement of a justice agenda in 2018 and beyond.

What does an Advocacy Team do?
As a coordinator of an Advocacy Team, you commit to having a relationship with your team, your members of Congress, and The Office of Public Witness over a period of at least a year. We support your team with action alerts, team building and organizing resources, and issue briefs through out the year.

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Between monthly calls, prep for advocacy visits, and organizing, it typically takes around 10 hours a month to be a Grassroots Advocacy Team Coordinator.
Successful Advocacy Teams start with a core organizing group of 3-8 people who are excited about building relationships with members of Congress.
Please tell us what your current social witness ministry entails (soup kitchen, legal clinic, local advocacy, ect.)
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