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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting need to pivot to hybrid or virtual learning environments, the College Libraries' will be transitioning our acquisitions strategies towards becoming e-preferred. This means that all book requests will be considered as an e-book purchase first rather than a print purchase. Please also note that, despite this format priority, not all titles will be available electronically, depending on publisher availability and platform compatibility.

The current e-book marketplace offers many platforms and access model types. Because of this, we will need more information on a requested title's intended use prior to purchase to ensure that we adequately provide for your electronic access needs.

Please use this form to request library materials for purchase. This includes eBooks and streaming media as well as print books or DVDs. Journal and database requests should be made on the Journal/Database Request Form.

For any questions regarding collection development, please contact Kayla Kipps at
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Please select the subject area and associated fund code for which you are the designated faculty liaison. If you are not a faculty liaison, please select "Other/I'm Not a Faculty Liaison."
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Please provide us with the following information on the intended use of the resources in question. We will use this in determining which type and size of license we need to purchase for your request.
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If you selected "this request is not for a course," please let us know what it is for.
Please note: Until a stable budget has been allocated for library materials, purchasing priority will be assigned to materials in support of the curriculum. If we are unable to purchase a title this semester, we will gladly add it to a "wish list" for the spring, at which time we anticipate having a clear understanding of our budget allocation.
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How many students or faculty do you anticipate will need/want to use this resource(s) in any given semester? (Please be generous with your estimates)
E-book access models range from single-user to unlimited-user models and this will help us determine what we need to considering purchasing to ensure that the library has adequate access for its intended use.
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Please provide as much bibliographic information about your request(s) as you can. For books (electronic or print): ISBN is the most reliable piece of data in identifying a book. You may paste multiple orders in the box below.
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If you chose 'Print Book' or 'DVD' please let us know why.
Print purchases will still be considered if the title in question is unavailable electronically. However, with the removal of print reserves in the fall, we would caution that print purchases may inherently limit access for students.
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