Faculty's Role in Student Retention
Belhaven University Adult Studies and Online offers webinars regularly for faculty desiring to improve themselves and their service to students in the classroom.
April 17, 2017 at 11:30 PM CST - meeting link will be sent to those who pre-register on the morning of the event
With the ever-increasing importance of retention, there must be a holistic approach to retaining students. Therefore, it is importance to outline everyone’s role in the retention effort, including faculty. It is far easier to keep a student than to recruit one. Students start their educational experience with a dream of a better, more fulfilling life. Quitting without getting their degree can have devastating results; it is our responsibility to do all we can to help them realize their educational goals.

Faculty will be given specific, practical, information that will allow them to be able to identify students that might be in danger of leaving and provide easy to apply ideas for increasing retention.

Ron Pirtle, Dean at Chattanooga/Dalton - Belhaven will be the presenter for this webinar

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