Helping Stella in the Final Two Weeks of the Campaign: Walthamstow Survey

Today I will be going into hospital to hopefully give birth.Therefore, as your Labour and Cooperative candidate for Walthamstow in this election, in my absence in these final two weeks I’m writing to ask your help. 

Please commit to giving at least one hour of your time to helping me in Walthamstow, and one day of your time helping in the vital seats that would ensure a Labour victory on Thursday 12th December over the coming fortnight. Please use this form to help us know what you can do in Walthamstow in particular or call Laura on 07833 729 905.

If you would like information about how to help in the key battleground seats nearby please do also contact the office.

Thank you for your help and support at this time- it is much appreciated,

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I can give at least an hour on Polling Day - Thursday 12th December - to help Get the Vote Out in Walthamstow
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