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Thank you for your interest in selection for the 2020 State Debating Team. This team will represent Tasmania at the National Schools Debating Championships, to be held in Hobart from May 24 to 31.

Selections for this year's State Team will take place on Sunday February 16, Saturday February 29 and Sunday March 1 January 29, from 10am to 5pm in the UTAS Faculty of Law. You will need to attend at least one and preferably all three of these sessions in order to be eligible for selection. You are also required to have attended the TDU's summer Debate Camp, unless unable to as a result of genuine incapacity or unavailability. (Please let us know if this is the case.)

Selections will be on the basis of your debating skill, including but not limited to your ability as a debater, your capacity to work in a team and the strength of your general knowledge. In order to be eligible for selection you must be a full-time secondary school student in 2020.
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