Kahoot assessment method
Through this survey we which to understand the students perception and opinion about the Kahoot assessment method applied in class. The answers to this survey are anonymous.
Please select the subject where the Kahoot assessment method was applied. Your subsequent answers should refer to the subject selected here. If you participated in more than one, please fill out one or more surveys accordingly. *
1. "I chose to be evaluated through the Kahoot evaluation component". *
2. If you answered "no" in question 1, indicate why.
3. Would you make the same decision now? *
4. Did you participate in the Kahoot even without being evaluated?
5. Do you agree that this method: *
Encourages continuous learning
Provides immediate feedback on the knowledge acquired in class
Helps in the preparation for the multiple choice section in the final exam
6. Indicate opportunities for improvement that you see in this method. *
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