Setup for February 13th Digital Learning Day 2014
This form is just to give us a general idea of what your organization may need from the library in order to participate in Digital Learning Day.  The last question is open-ended.  Anything that's been missed in this form, please include there.  Please email logos to
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Please provide a brief description of the activity you plan to facilitate at the Digital Learning Day event *
Brief, but use terminology that could be used in promoting your activity
How many people will attend from your organization? *
An estimate is fine.  This will help us plan for the reception.
Please provide an estimate of the amount of space needed. *
8ftx6ft, a large room that fits 15 people, a small table...all acceptable responses
Do you intend to stay the entire time? If not, what time will you be on-site? *
Thursday, February 13th, 4:30pm-7:30pm
Do you have any special electrical requirments?
Do you need close access to an electrical outlet? *
This is only in the case where an extension cord would not be appropriate.
Do you need the library to provide extension cords?  If so, how many? *
We have a limited number of extension cords, so if you can bring your own it would be helpful.
Anything missed?  Please add here.
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