2017 Maryland Film Festival New Volunteer Application
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If your answer is yes, please direct your attention to the returning volunteers application on the MdFF website (http://mdfilmfest.com/festival/volunteer).
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If you are under the age of 18, please email the volunteer coordinator for a youth application (volunteers@mdfilmfest.com)
Volunteer Positions - Descriptions
Below is a description of regular volunteer positions currently available at the festival. After you have read through the descriptions, use the space below to select your first, second and third position preferences.

BOX OFFICE TELLERS*: Sell tickets for festival programs, answer questions about the festival and accurately record ticket sales. Tellers work in shifts at the Parkway box office or at screening venues. Must be friendly, comfortable with technology, and have customer service and POS/cash handling experience. *(If you choose one of the box office positions you must fill out the brief set of questions farther down the application. May include additional training.)

CALL CENTER REP: Answer incoming calls to the festival and direct customers on how to purchase tickets to festival programs. Must be friendly, a good communicator and have customer service/call center experience.

THEATER CREW: Assist at a screening venue by greeting patrons, answering questions, managing attendance lines, checking tickets and passes, ushering, and helping tidy the venue between screenings as needed.

DRIVERS: (Certain qualifications required) Drive cargo vans around campus to assist Event Manager and operational staff in hauling materials and delivering necessities to sites on the festival campus. Volunteers interested in being a driver must have a clean driving record and valid insurance to participate. We will not be providing shuttle services to filmmakers this year.

FESTIVAL AMBASSADORS: The role for the volunteer who’s up for nearly anything! Primary role is to answer questions about the festival and guide visitors between venues near the tent village. Ambassadors also fill in any of the listed positions (except for Driver) around the festival when needed. This position requires volunteers to be highly mobile and travel between screening venues on foot or by van.

Volunteer Positions - Preferences
Please choose your first, second, and third choices for your preferred volunteer position. You may be able to serve in more than one role at the festival based on needs and availability of shifts.
First Position Preference *
Please choose from the list below.
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Box Office Qualifications
If you have indicated that you are interested in volunteering at the box office, please answer the following questions. If you did not indicate an interest in these positions, please continue on to the next section.
Do you have prior Maryland Film Festival experience as a Teller/Cashier?
Do you have experience using point of sale (POS) technology?
Do you have cash handling experience?
Do you have call center experience?
Festival Set Up & Breakdown
We can use plenty of help with setting up the festival tent village or breaking down the festival and cleaning up. Volunteers helping set up or breakdown can still serve in other positions at the festival. Check the box below each description if you can help before or after the festival.
TENT VILLAGE SET-UP: Wednesday May 3rd
Assist in the construction of tent village the first day of the festival; Those who have knowledge of electrical work encouraged to apply. REQUIRES EXTENDED PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. MUST BE ABLE TO MOVE POTENTIALLY HEAVY OBJECTS. Volunteers in this role will receive an extra screening voucher!
After the festival, help with breakdown and clean-up. REQUIRES EXTENDED PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. MUST BE ABLE TO MOVE POTENTIALLY HEAVY OBJECTS. Help during this shift and get an extra benefit after you volunteer - a Friends of the Festival membership at the Single level!
Street Team Volunteer Positions
Street team volunteers come to the festival office in the weeks before the festival and pick up posters and postcards to distribute around the Baltimore-D.C. metropolitan area. Street team volunteers get the chance to earn their vouchers ahead of the festival! Vouchers will be determined by the amount of poster and postcards distributed by each volunteer. Street team volunteers are welcome to still help in other roles during the festival.
Are you interested in being a street team volunteer?
Special Skills & Volunteer Needs
Please use this section to indicate any specialized skills you may have that could assist us throughout the festival! Also, if you have any specified needs that must be met or considered during your volunteer shifts, please let us know below.
Special Skills
Please check all of the boxes that apply.
Do you have any conditions/limitations that might require assistance or accommodation?
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T-shirt Size
Please indicate your t-shirt size below. Note: t-shirts are unisex.
T-shirt Size
Volunteer Orientation
We strongly recommend that new volunteers attend one of the orientations. If prior commitments prevent you from attending one of the orientations, contact the volunteer coordinator at volunteers@mdfilmfest.com to make other arrangements to receive training information.
Which volunteer orientation would you like to attend? *
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