College Classes at Variations Dance Studio
Variations Dance Studio will be holding College and Young Adult Dance classes for the 2019 Spring semester. Dancers of all backgrounds are welcome to join in a drop in class style with combos and technique to continue training and brush up on new skills. Class styles will range from Contemporary/Lyrical, Jazz, Hip Hop, Technique, and Stretch & Conditioning.

Please see the below weekly schedule for these classes:
> Monday February 25th 6-7pm
> Monday March 4th 6-7pm
> Monday March 18th 6-7pm
> Monday March 25th 6-7pm
> Monday April 1st 6-7pm
> Monday April 8th 6-7pm
> Monday April 15th 6-7pm
> Monday April 22nd 6-7pm
> Monday April 29th 6-7pm

Please see the below breakdown for class pricing:
> 1 Class Pass $15
> 3 Class Pass $42
> 5 Class Pass $65
> 9 Class Pass $108

By submitting this form, our office will contact you to reserve your spot and to confirm class payment by phone. We look forward to dancing with you soon!

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