GLITCHED Demo - Feedback
This survey is for demo players to give feedback to help improve GLITCHED before release. While this feedback won't drastically change the final product, it will help point development in the right direction when it comes time to improve some features.

Please try not to factor in bugs, errors, grammar issues, or visual and audio problems into this survey. While they disrupt gameplay when they happen, this survey is meant to just focus on gameplay, story, mechanics, and writing. If you do run into a bug, please report it through the bug reporting submission found on the download page.

How would you rate your overall experience playing the GLITCHED demo? *
Terrible Game
Perfect Game. WOW!
How would you rate the writing and story? *
Leave any comments about a favorite story moment, a moment you did not like or understand, or anything regarding the story and writing.
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How would you rate the essence system? *
How would you rate the conflict system? *
Leave any comments about your favorite or least favorite conflict, or anything regarding conflicts and essence.
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How would you rate the battle system? *
Action Packed
Leave comments about battles, battle difficulty, or anything regarding battles.
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How would you rate the art and animations? *
Pixel Perfect
How would you rate the music and sound effects? (Note: there are still a few sound issues in Covewood, try not to factor those in here.) *
My ears are bleeding!
Music to my ears.
Was there an area or cut-scene with a song you really liked/disliked?
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Feel free to add any other comments!
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