Free Bosch Workshop
Time and place: May 10 (Friday), 10:20-12:20 on the workshop Train

How Do Self-Driving Cars Learn?
Speaker: Sándor Pogácsás

How can we teach cars to drive safely? What is the role of data and machine learning pipelines in this challenge? In this talk and its follow up roundtable we will explore some of the tools and open datasets used by autonomous driving research teams. Can a self-driving car have more experience than a professional human driver? Let us find out!

What does it take to validate a self-driving vehicle above L2?
Speaker: Dávid, Lengyel

Is it really known how complex topic is self-driving development? What is known the validation of these functions above L2 means a completely new challenge for automotive development. Let’s have one more step forward; the L4-L5 development is not only the story of automotive companies. This is really the common revolution of industries, legislation, and society together. Where are we now, what are the daily challenges of L3-L5 validation? Take the chance to discuss it.

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