Bitsdaq Rewards Program
Dear users,

Bitsdaq is launching a campaign for for all IEO fans! You will be rewarded IEO tokens for participating in the programs listed below. As you may know, the Bitsdaq BQQQ token will become liquid for trading shortly when Bitsdaq launches it. More details on BQQQ will be released in our announcements.

Event Period: May 09, 2019 to May 31, 2019.

Bitsdaq Team

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1. Please make sure to upload the screenshot and provide the Medium Link, WeChat Official Account Link, or Youtube Video Link based on the programs you participated in.
2. Use the hashtags #Bitsdaq $BQQQ #IEO and #iUseBitsdaq in the Twitter post.
3. Share the link to the post on our Telegram group the hashtag #Bitsdaq #IEO $BQQQ and #iUseBitsdaq.
4. Use “Bitsdaq IEO” in the title for the Youtube video.
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