Online EFT Certification Clinic Registration Form for Professional Therapists and Observing Professional Helpers 線上情緒取向治療認證診所-專業治療師/觀察的專業助人人士報名表
We are pleased to offer the EFT Certification Clinic for Professional Helpers who are ready or thinking of being certified in EFT. You can participate as either the therapist working towards certification or an observer who wants to experience and learn EFT or is interested in tips in achieving certification and avoiding common pitfalls.
We will have 4 groups with 2 therapists and a limited number of observers for each group. Each group will practice EFT with the same couple or family for 12 sessions over a period of 6 months with 2 sessions per month. The therapists are expected to take turns leading the sessions and watch the videos of their sessions together to identify areas that meet the certification standards and areas of improvement. The observers can watch the sessions live and discuss what the therapist is doing well and what can be improved. Completion of the training does not guarantee certification by ICEEFT which will independently and objectively review the applicant's package and stage 1 and stage 2 video clips.
我們很高興為準備獲取情緒取向治療認證的專業助人人士提供這診所. 你可以作為努力於認證的治療師或希望體驗和學習情緒取向治療或對獲得認證和避免常見陷阱感興趣的觀察者參加. 我們將有四組,每組有兩位治療師和觀察者. 每組將在6個月內與同一對伴侶或同一個家庭進行12次的會談,每月兩次. 治療師將輪流帶領會談,並一起觀看會談的視頻,找出什麼符合認證標準和需要改進. 觀察者可以現場觀看會談,並討論治療師什麼做得好以及可以改進. 培訓的完成並不能保證ICEEFT的認證,該認證將獨立客觀地審查申請人提供的資料以及階段一和階段二的視頻。
Goals 目標:
1. To provide training with close live supervision for advanced EFT therapists working on their certification video clips in an outpatient clinic setting 為資深的情緒取向治療師在門診診所中提供認證所需的視頻以及緊密的現場督導
2. To provide the opportunity to experience EFT live online through the EFT Certification clinic for professional helpers new to EFT and those who wish to learn more about how EFT is conducted session by session in an actual, busy outpatient clinic setting with Chinese couples or families with complex presenting issues 通過情緒取向治療認證診所在線體驗情緒取向治療,為剛接觸以及希望更多了解情緒取向治療的專業助人人士提供機會在繁忙的診所中觀察如何與有複雜問題的華裔伴侶或家庭進行情緒取向治療
3. To promote EFT as the only evidence based, attachment and systems focused experiential therapy that can be applied to individuals, couples, families and groups 推廣情緒取向治療作為唯一基於證據,以依附和系統為重點的體驗療法,該療法可應用於個人,伴侶,家庭和小組
Time 時間 (October 2020 to March 2021 2020年10月至2021年3月)
Group A starts on Wed. Oct. 21 every two weeks at 9:15-10:45 am Toronto time for 6 months
A組在10月21日,星期三開始,每兩週一次,上午9:15-10:45 多倫多時間,為期6個月
Group B starts on Wed. Oct. 28 every two weeks at 9:15-10:45 am Toronto time for 6 months
B組在10月28日,星期三開始,每兩週一次,上午9:15-10:45 多倫多時間,為期6個月
Group C starts on Fri. Oct. 23 every two weeks at 9:15-10:45 am Toronto time for 6 months
C組在10月23日,星期五開始,每兩週一次,上午9:15-10:45 多倫多時間,為期6個月
Group D starts on Fri. Oct. 30 every two weeks at 9:15-10:45 am Toronto time for 6 months
D組在10月30日,星期五開始,每兩週一次,上午9:15-10:45 多倫多時間,為期6個月
Format 格式:
1. Online EFT will be conducted over OTN (Ontario Telehealth Network, which is provided by the government for doctors to see patients remotely) 線上情緒取向治療將通過OTN (安大略省遠程醫療網絡,由政府提供,讓醫生遠程看病人的平台)進行
2. The live session will be streamed securely online to observers using Zoom 現場會談將使用Zoom安全地在線傳輸給觀察者
Roles: (all participants are required to sign a confidentiality and participant’s agreement during registration)
角色: (所有參加者都必須在報名時簽署保密和參與者的同意書)
1. Participating Therapists: committed to working towards certification in EFT 參加的治療師:委身於取得情緒取向治療的認證
2. Observing Supervisors / Supervisors in Training: facilitate discussion on how the sessions demonstrate EFT and what can be improved 觀察的情緒取向治療督導/培訓中的督導:帶領會談如何演示情緒取向治療以及可以改進之處的討論
3. Observing Professional Helpers: interested in experiencing and learning EFT 觀察的專業助人人士:對體驗和學習情緒取向治療有興趣
Investment 投資:
1. Participating Professional Helpers working towards certification in EFT: $600 CAD per person per 6 month or 12 session term 努力獲取EFT認證的專業助人人士:每人每6個月或12個會談 $600 加幣
2. Observing Professional Helpers: $15 CAD per session per person or $150 CAD per person per 6 month or 12 session term
If you bring one colleague new to EFT then both of you can attend 3 sessions for free
If you bring four colleagues new to EFT, then you can attend all 12 sessions with one couple or family for free while each of your colleagues can attend 3 sessions for free
觀察的專業助人人士: 每人每節 $15 加幣,或每6個月或12節,每人 $150 加幣
3. Observing Supervisors / Supervisor in Training: Free 觀察的情緒取向治療督導/培訓中的督導: 免費
4. Full time students / Retirees: $10 CAD per session per person or $100 CAD per 12 session 全日制學生/退休者: 每人每節 $10 加幣, 每12節或每期 $100 加幣
5. Reconnect Staff, Helpers and Volunteers: Please contact Reconnect for special pricing 心連心事工的職員,幫助者和志願者: 請聯絡心連心事工以獲取特價

Trainer 培訓師: 黃達瑩醫生 (ICEEFT唯一粵語情緒取向治療國際培訓師) Dr. Tat-Ying Wong (only ICEEFT Certified Cantonese speaking EFT International Trainer)
情緒取向治療追求卓越國際中心(ICEEFT)認證督導及國際培訓師, 加拿大多倫多大學醫學博士, 美國及加拿大婚姻及家庭治療協會臨床會員及檢定監督
對象 Target: 採用情緒取向治療的社工、輔導員/治療師、心理學家、醫生、精神科護士、專業助人者等 Those who are interested in applying EFT, including social workers, counsellors / therapists, psychologists, doctors, psy nurses, professional helpers, etc.
報名 Application: 填寫線上報名表,並完成付款步驟,才算完成報名程序 You will need to fill in the online form and complete the payment using Interac eTransfer, in order to complete the application process.

機構使用個人資料聲明:1.閣下的個人資料(包括姓名、聯絡資料及其他相關資料),只會用作簽發收據、提供資訊(包括消息通訊、活動、服務、講座或訓練課程推廣)、義工招募及收集意見等之用途。2.有關資料受到嚴格保密。3.本診所收集之個人資料,除作上述用途之外,將不會以任何形式出售、租借及轉讓予任何人士或組織。如有疑問,請與本診所聯絡。Declaration of use of personal data: (1) Your information (including name, contact information and other related information), will only be used for the purposes of issuing receipts, communications (including promotion of our clinic’s news, events, talks or trainings), recruiting volunteers and conducting surveys for us. (2) Your relevant information will be kept strictly confidential. (3) Apart from the above purposes, your personal data being collected will not be sold, rented or traded in any form through any means to any other parties.

Email address *
Last Name:姓(英文) *
First Name:名(英文) *
Telephone Number 聯絡電話 *
Occupation 職業 *
Agency/company 機構 *
How did you receive notification about this training 你是如何收到有關此培訓的通知? *
I have the educational training, qualifications, and professional credentials to practice as a mental health professional or pastoral counsellor or I am in a training program or supervised practice to become a mental health professional or pastoral counsellor. 我擁有心理健康專業人士或教牧輔導的教育,培訓和專業資格或我在成為心理健康專業人士或教牧輔導的培訓計劃或督導過程中. *
I agree to keep confidential the personal identifying information of case material shared in the training and not to copy, record, store, reproduce and share any part of the training. 我同意保密培訓案例中的個人資料以及不複制,錄影,儲存或分享培訓的任何部分. *
The training will be recorded on video for ICEEFT trainings, archive and records. I agree to having the training recorded for archive and training purposes and the content may be used for promotion or articles in newsletters (practical tips, questions and answers) with identifying information removed. 培訓的錄影會成為ICEEFT的記錄和培訓資源. 我同意讓培訓的錄影作ICEEFT的記錄,並且刪除個人資料後,內容可用於EFT推廣或通訊中(實用技巧,問題解答,個案分析). *
Have you been trained in EFT before 曾否修讀情緒取向治療課程? *
Please indicate which EFT Certification Clinic you want to participate in 請表示你想參加哪個情緒取向治療認證診所 *
Important Notice: the 8 positions for the Participating Therapists have been filled for the October 2020 to March 2021 term. If you are interested in the next term, April to September of 2021, please complete this registration form, send your updated resume or CV to and your name will be placed on a waiting list. Priority will be given to applicants in leadership positions who are committed to bringing EFT to their organizations and aspire to continue to certification as EFT supervisor. 重要通知: 2020年10月至2021年3月期 預備獲取認證的治療師的8個職位已滿 . 如果你對下一期(2021年4月至9月)有興趣,請填寫此報名表,並將你最新的簡歷發送至,你的名字將被列入候補名單. 那些委身於將EFT帶入其組織並計劃繼續獲取EFT督導認證的申請者,將獲得優先考慮.
Please indicate which role you want to assume in the EFT Certification Clinic 請表示你參加情緒取向治療認證診所的角色 *
Investment in tuition for EFT Certification Clinic in CAD 參加情緒取向治療認證診所的投資(加幣) *
Name and email of helping professional new to EFT that you have invited or person who invited you 已你邀請或邀請你來參加EFT培訓師診所的專業助人人士的姓名和電郵
Payment Options (Please select one) *
Cheque Number and Bank or password for Interac eTransfer 支票號碼及銀行名稱或電子轉賬密碼 *
Please send cheque to: Dr. T.Y. Wong MPC, 2830 Keele St., Suite 402, North York, ONTARIO M3M3E5 Question/comment 問題/意見:
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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