Application: Duquesne Resident Data Collector
Thank you for your interest in the resident data collection position with Grounded Strategies. Please fill in the following information and we will contact you soon! Note: This position is only available for residents of Duquesne.

We are seeking 2-3 enthusiastic, friendly and self-starting individuals to act as data collectors, who will be responsible for completing an assessment of Duquesne’s vacant land. Data collectors are responsible for collecting vacant land specific data and operating data entry devices, including tablets and cameras. Data collection will take place over a 2-3 month time period with a goal of around 5-10 hours a week. Work will be completed in zones to ensure consistency and timeliness. Collectors are expected to schedule the times they are available with GROUNDED staff, and as much as possible, work as a team to ensure a strong community presence. Though collectors are not expected to be completely versed in GROUNDED’s organizational mission, they will be coached on the details of this project and be expected to act as Ambassadors to GROUNDED in behavior, demeanor and talking points.

Data collectors will be paid $15/hour, for 5-10 hours per week, over the course of 2-3 months. Each data collector will be required to log their time using our Time Keeping system online (which can be done via the tablets they will be using in the field) to ensure accurate tracking and record keeping.

Questions? Contact Janaha at

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