Join The Toronto Gourmand Club
Are you a foodie who loves to discover exquisite eats? Do you want to be the first to try new restaurants and menu items before anyone else? Do you want to receive exclusive offers and discounts for the next new spot?

If you say YES to any of the above, this is the right place for you!

Join as a Foodie Club member to receive opportunities to experience:
- Menu tastings
- Try out new menu items or restaurants before the official launch.
- Exclusive discount codes and FREE vouchers.
- Co-create with talented chefs to brainstorm new menu items.
- Add your own spin on naming food items.
- enter or receive sponsorships for giveaways.
- Be in the know for exclusive news and More!.
- Mystery shoppers experience - Eat for free

To join, you must LOVE TO EAT & Share your experience !!!

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