Ethnic Studies Curriculum Submissions
We are gathering Ethnic Studies lessons, unit plans, student work, and curriculum from teachers across BPS. If you have curriculum that you have created/modified from existing resources, please submit! If you know of existing curriculum that might fall within the purview of ethnic studies, please feel free to link to that as well.

Please submit by May 4th, 2019!

If you have any questions, feel free to email: Amrita (, Rocío (, and Nino (

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Below is the Ethnic Studies Now organizing committee's definition of Ethnic Studies. Ethnic Studies teaching...
...Honors histories of communities of color and all marginalized peoples, and affirms and builds students’ intersectional political identities
...Deepens our analysis of cultural identity and identity categories as dynamic and shifting over time
...Strengthens solidarity with and accountability to local and global communities and their collective struggles for liberation
...Deepens analysis of ongoing systems of oppression including white supremacy, capitalism, heteropatriarchy, and colonialism/imperialism
...Uses pedagogy that is humanizing, healing, self-reflective, liberatory, multidisciplinary, problem-posing, and student-centered
...Equips and empowers learners with skills and understandings necessary to:
Critically read the world and analyze power in society/history
Navigate our current world safely and with dignity
Resist injustice and systems of oppression
Become agents of change for a more just world.
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If you would like to submit more than one lesson plan/unit/curriculum/link, please feel free to fill out the form again! Thank you so much for your help in collecting this work. The BPS Ethnic Studies Archive will be published by June 2019.
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