Collateral Investment Lending
This form is only an "expression of interest" and you are no obligation to accept any offer made by the investment platform.  

If you own coins of any another "Masternode Type" but do not wish to sell them, you may lend them to the investment platform. When the investment platform has reached the collateral needed of that coin, the investment platform will set up another node and include it on the platform.

In return for loaning your "other coins" to the investment platform you will be offered an amount of MoneyByte (MON) to use on the hedged Masterrnode Platform.

With two weeks notice from either yourself or the Investment Platform, your "other coins" can be returned in full and the amount that was being utilized on the hedge platform will be removed,

The MoneyByte Platform maybe willing to lend 50%-75% of market value (depending on project) in MoneyByte coins that can be invested on any hedged coin of your choice within the masternode hedged platform.
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