Hopkins Award Nomination
Lyon County schools have many employees who go the extra mile for our students on a regular basis. The E.L. & Z. Irene Hopkins Foundation wishes to give special recognition to those employees who demonstrate that one person can make a difference.

* The recipients of the award will have performed in a significantly noteworthy way such that their actions will have gone above and beyond their normal job responsibilities.
* Nominations should exemplify one or more of the five criteria.

* The recipient(s) must be a full or part-time staff member in good standing.
* Nominations can come from employees, students, parents and others in the community.
* The person making the recommendation must provide a brief written statement describing the action or contribution of the employee and its benefit.
* All nominations should be submitted using this online form.

* Nominations will be accepted at any time during the year.
* A selection committee will review nominations periodically throughout the year as they are received.
* Potential winners will be verified with the nominator and/or the direct supervisor.
* Nominations will be kept on file until March 15 of each year. Nominations submitted after March 15 will be considered for the following school year.

* Winners will receive cash awards of $2,000 at a recognition event scheduled through the building principal or department supervisor.
* In addition, each winner will have $1,000 to designate for a particular project at his/her school or within the district.
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Reason for Nomination
Below are five criteria for the Hopkins Award. Please select one or more and provide specific examples of how this individual has met or exceeded the criteria.

Only nominations with at least one section completed will be considered for awards.
1. Innovation/Initiative/Simplification
Has shown leadership or outstanding participation in a project or process of improvement that aligns with the district mission and/or streamlines our operations.
2. Collaborating as one team, school, or district
Has exhibited outstanding commitment to teamwork by thinking creatively, removing internal boundaries, and communicating effectively.
3. Noteworthy Service
Has performed extraordinary service that exceeds our (internal or external) expectations.
4. Inspirational
Has the ability to inspire others to try new things or excel in new ways.
5. Commitment to Excellence
Recognize excellence in any endeavor that enhances the workplace and creates a positive work environment and culture of learning.
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