NCFL 2021 NCFL Nationals Waiver Form
Because the 2021 National Catholic Forensic League (“NCFL”) Grand National Speech & Debate Tournament will be held virtually, the NCFL is asking that each participant read and acknowledge (by electronically signing below) the Grant of Permission to Use Name, Likeness, and Content below.

While normally any recording (either audio or visual) of any performance at the NCFL Grand National Speech & Debate Tournament is strictly prohibited, the NCFL is utilizing an electronic platform to host the 2021 Tournament that may save or store a recording of any round or performance for some period of time. In addition, the NCFL does intend to live stream all semi-final and final rounds of all events at the 2021 Tournament as well as the Awards Presentation. The NCFL does not otherwise intend to use the Content or Digital Media defined in the Grant.

Unauthorized recordings (either audio or visual) of any performance at the 2021 Tournament are still strictly prohibited. This Grant of Permission will enable the NCFL to enforce its prohibition of unauthorized recordings at the 2021 Tournament.

This form must be filled out by every judge and participant. If the participant is under 18 years of age, then it must be completed and electronically signed by a legal parent or guardian.
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