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Facility Listening session Q&A:
Q: Is there a cheaper roof that can be replaced to save money? The cost to reuse the tile roof is likely $750,000. Different roofing materials save up to $200,000, but the real cost is the height of the roof and the limited contractors able to complete the work.

Q: When is the point of no return regarding the construction project?
A: We are still gathering information about bonding numbers and garnering feedback regarding enrollment. Likely presenting to the board a complete project scope within the next 6-8 weeks. The sentiment is that don’t want to tear things down if don’t need to.

Q: Timing of construction - concerns of lead abatement.
A: We will be interviewing general contractors in the coming weeks and a formal construction timeline will be finalized. There is possibility of starting the project as early as summer of 2018. We also want the finished space to be safe and free of harmful chemicals and minerals. **Update: Construction timeline - starting June 2019**

Q: How will lunch work without a cafeteria?
A: Lunch will happen in the classrooms. Likely need to have a temporary cold lunch only option.

Q: Transitioning into new space, construction timeline, what if the project goes past deadline?
A: We will be meeting with contractors about the project in the coming weeks and that is something we will be working on. We want as much of the work to happen while kids aren’t present. If the project goes past deadline, we will already be functioning without a gym, classrooms and cafeteria. We would continue operating the same way temporarily.

Q: What about pausing and not starting this project?
A: There is risk of Interest rate increase, Aula expenses could start being realized, construction costs will continue to rise. The classes will continue to fill out, continuing the space crunch.

Q: Aren’t we only adding 3 more classes, why do we need so much more space?
A: Space is already tight, we’ve used computer lab this year for a class. Art is being done on a cart for some grades. Special Education needs additional space for therapy and additional work with students. We need a 2nd gym.

Q: Can’t we rent space from church across street?
A: We do rent small spaces, but rooms are too small to use for classrooms.

Q: What happens if we start seeing attrition?
A: We are trying to be conservative with our student numbers to build in some room for attrition to ensure we can afford our new space. The finance committee will look into more extreme attrition numbers and work with the board and administration to develop contingency plans for a steep decline in student numbers. Having a bubble class isn’t unheard of in charter schools, especially immersion schools. (Ex. Yinghua has 4 sections of kindergarten one year, then back to 3.)

Q: How do we make sure we have additional space for OT, Sped?
A: Architect will be working with user groups to determine needs. There will be a survey and time for interviews with teachers.

Q: There is concern about non-german speaking kids coming and enrolling in later grades.
A: Being a public school, if we have a spot open, we have to fill it.

Q: Land-use entitlements?
A: Property and neighboring property is zoned residential with school use permitted.

Q: What’s the size of cafeteria?
A: Room for a little over 200 in 4 sections of lunch. Leaves flexibility for allergy tables and kids to spread out.

Q: Worried about staff retention. Worried that tackling construction project will make it hard to focus on retaining staff and finding enough quality staff. Worried about level german exposure in classrooms.
A: There is a new focus on actively recruiting teachers from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Q: What would it look like if we went down to two kindergarten classes next year so we don’t add additional students for one or two years?
A: It would have an impact to the budget and could affect affordability of lease. The finance committee will look into it.

Q: Worried about neighbors and the church coming down.
A: 6-8 weeks was spent understanding costs associated with the Aula. Nic Ludwig lives in the neighborhood and has already started talking to neighbors about this possibility as the facility committee was gathering information about the building. The hope is that the neighbors will see the effort going into making the decision and see that it wasn’t a decision we took lightly.

Other statements:
Design safety equipment in science lab room.
Designing space for positive health and safety.
Windows and lights, want to have fresh air in the classroom.

Facility Listening session Q&A 3/20/18
Q: Will any classroom building maintenance be done.
A: We’ve brought this to the contractors attention.

Q: How will lunch happen? What about food allergies?
A: We will make sure that we take steps to safeguard for food allergies. Possibly go to cold lunch only and have kids eat in their classroom.

Facility Listening Session Q&A 4/9/2018
Q: Concerns voiced regarding traffic during pick up and drop off, where are additional staff going to park and additional cars going to go? Can't there be crossing guards at Lexington and use the pool parking lot?
A: Anticipate adding 11 staff as the grades fill out. Facility committee has reached out to parks department and currently in conversation about using McMurray parking lot.

Q: Can we restart a community outreach committee? Neighbors want a place to meet with administration. Want to meet at least every other month.
A: Yes

Q: Can't the Aula be made to work?
A: Facility committee has spent months exploring options. Fixing the Aula part of the building doesn't address need for additional classrooms, additional break out space. To utilize the Aula space would mean needing to buy the OPC or the east van slyke property AND a capital campaign to raise money for the Aula maintenance.

Statement from listening session: Many at the meeting (which was primarily neighbors from Warrendale) voiced concern about the Aula being replaced. They valued the architecture and memories of the building. Want to meet with facilities to find a way to keep.

Questions/statements from this Form:
Q: Has anyone recently looked into the availability of Central Lutheran school on Lexington?
A: We have looked into split campus and have determined that the logistics and administrative costs are prohibitive. There is already a school operating on that site.

"THANK YOU to the Board, Facilities Committee, and Administration for their hard work, dedication, and diligence on this issue. Thank you for the informative listening sessions. They are much appreciated."

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