CCLTC Language Contest Registration Form

Fill the form with one for each performance
The supervising teacher must be a current CCLTC active member (pay 2020 membership fee)
For singing performance, it can be a cappella or bring your own accompaniment
Entry fee $15.00 for each performance is not refundable

Visit for more details.

Title of performance *
Performance Type *
表演项目 , Select one
Content Description *
表演内容 Brief description of the performance
Performance Length *
表演时间 Approximate time in 1-3 minutes
Teacher Name *
Phone *
电话 Supervising Teacher contact phone
Address *
地址 Teacher's contact address (Address, City, State, Zip Code)
Email *
电邮 Teacher's contact email, where confirmation letter will be sent to
School Name *
所属学校-学区 School Name-School District
Chinese Programs *
中文课程, Please check the type(s) of Chinese program at your school
Student Names *
表演学生姓名 List Student Name(s)
Students Grades *
列举学生年级 Student(s) Grade in school (K-12)
Performers Background *
参赛学生简历 Check all that describe the performer(s) as Chinese language learner(s)
Media Release Consent *
I give consent to Colorado Chinese Language Teacher Consortium (CCLTC) to upload pictures and video of the student performance to the CCLTC website.
Disclaimer *
By submit the form, we/our family hereby release, waive, discharge,and forever hold harmless to Colorado Chinese Language Teacher Consortium (CCLTC), its staff, promoters, and sponsors, from any loss or damage,and any claim of damages resulting from our participation in CCLTC's program on account of any injury to my person, or property, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.
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