Customer Feedback Survey
The information gathered by this survey will allow us to reflect on all aspects of the business and customer experience in order to identify areas where improvements can be made. Your feedback and participation is greatly appreciated!
How long have you been a Rhyzome Networks customer? *
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My Rhyzome service is a good value.
Rhyzome staff are friendly and I feel valued as a customer.
My Rhyzome service is stable and reliable.
Rhyzome internet provides adequate speeds.
I can easily buy more time when my subscription expires.
Rhyzome technical support is available when I need it.
I feel like I get my money's worth from my Rhyzome service.
I would reccomend Rhyzome services to a friend or family member.
Rhyzome staff are knowledgeable and answer all of my questions.
Currently Rhyzome's "New Customer" package is $199 for the antenna, installation and 90 days of service. I feel this is: *
What features or improvements would you like to see made in order to better Rhyzome's service offerings.
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