DevOps-driven Security Architectures
Project Goal

With the rise of the complexity of cyber-attacks and cybersecurity requirements, building software-intensive systems that are inherently secure (i.e., trustworthy systems) is increasingly challenging. The matter gets worse in the age of DevOps, as development and deployment of software-intensive systems happen at the breakneck pace. Given the widespread industrial interests in DevOps, it is becoming important for practitioners and researchers to understand "how", "when", and "by whom" security should be integrated and practiced into DevOps (e.g., DevSecOps). On the other hand, it is proclaimed that integrating security policies, practices, and measurements early in design (i.e., the architecture of a software system) is critical for establishing secure DevOps (i.e., truly implementing DevSecOps).

With this survey, we want to learn about software architectures that enable and integrate security in DevOps environment.
Here, we refer to this class of software architectures as DevOps-driven security architectures. Your answers will help us to build an evidence-based body of knowledge to support further development and adoption of security in DevOps through DevOps-driven security architectures.

We would be greatly appreciative if you can kindly complete the survey. The survey should take 5 minutes. This survey is anonymous. You will not be identified in the potential publications in the future.

Thank you!

Mojtaba Shahin, Monash University, Australia
Matthew Skelton, Conflux, UK
Peng Liang, Wuhan University, China
Muhammad Waseem, Wuhan University, China
Ali Rezaei Nassab, Sirjan University of Technology, Iran
Simon Maple,, UK

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Mojtaba Shahin,
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