WODDITY Podcast Feedback
If you had to guess, how many episodes do you think you've listened to?
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On a scale of 1 - 10, how happy are you with the podcast?
Haaaate it
Loooove it
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What do you think about the size of the episodes?
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Is it frustrating when the podcast goes over our 5 minute goal?
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Do you mind when we slip in mentions of our sponsors? Examples have been Reebok, WOD on the Waves, etc.
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Do you think our sponsors have been largely relevant to you?
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What are your FAVORITE types of stories on the podcast? (Select all that apply)
What are your LEAST favorite types of stories on the podcast? (Select all that apply)
How do you consume the podcast?
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Are you happy with the daily release cadence?
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Are there any other topics you wish we covered?
Any other fun feedback or jokes you'd like to share?
WODDITY is working on a huge list of other things. Which of these are you most excited for? (You can also add your own you think we should leap into)
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