Misconduct Report Form

Any individual, with a current or former contractual relationship with UAB Whatagraph (the Company) (e.g. employment, consulting, internship, service provision etc.) can use the form below to report suspected misconduct.

Misconduct may encompass actions observed within a work-related context that jeopardise public interest. Violations across various domains, including public health, environmental protection, financial services, and more, are deemed of public interest. Examples include financial malpractice, fraud, corruption, bribery, criminal activity, violation of legal acts and regulations, breach of work duties or internal rules, violence and harassment, environmental damage, or any other actions contravening public interest.

The received report undergoes assessment per established legal procedures and timelines. Use of this form adheres to strict confidentiality and anonymity standards.

If you prefer to maintain anonymity, use incognito mode to fill out the form, and refrain from providing personal information unless opting to disclose your identity. Avoid including sensitive personal details about individuals in your report unless necessary for describing your concern.

Please note that once sent, you won't be able to access your message. Save it in a secure location if future reference is required.

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What misconduct are you reporting? *
Who committed this misconduct? *
Place and time of the misconduct. *
Details about the misconduct. *
Please describe what has happened and why you are submitting this report. If you wish to be anonymous, make sure that you do not include information in the report that can reveal your identity.
Who else participated or could have participated in committing this misconduct? If none, please write N/A.
Are there other witnesses to the misconduct? If so, please provide their contact details. If none, please write N/A.
How can we contact you for the purposes of investigation and reporting?
If you wish to remain anonymous, please provide us with an anonymous email address so we can keep you informed of the process.
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