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• The deadline for completed applications is 21 September 2017
• Once SIHA has reviewed all applications, applicants will begin a two-step interview process consisting of a Group Interview scheduled for Sept 30 or Oct 1. Personal interviews will take place the following week.
• Questions can be directed to


1. SIHA Peer Health Educators
Peer Health Educators will facilitate classroom presentations in public schools within the Greater Edmonton Area and Northern Alberta, providing education to youth on several different curricula, such as:

Sexual Health: A non-biased and non-judgmental presentation
on sexual expression and safety with a focus on STIs and HIV
Healthy Lifestyles: Debunking common health myths,
this presentation covers topics such as nutrition, physical
health and body image.
Tobacco Abuse: This presentation examines the personal,
social and global effects of tobacco use and touches on
tobacco dependence and addiction.

All peer health educators must be trained for a curriculum before they are able to present in a classroom setting. (Training sessions are provided by local health professionals and experienced SIHA Peer Health Educators.) For successful candidates, the volunteer coordinator will be contacting you with more information on training dates, times and locations. Training will begin in October 2017, and classroom presentations will then start sometime between November 2017 – January 2018, continuing until June 2018.

2. SIHA Outreach Ambassadors
SIHA’s Outreach Ambassador program has been gaining momentum over the past couple years due to the dedication, passion and creativity of our past Outreach teams. The Outreach program is extremely hands on and comprised of a small group of people whose ultimate goal is to not only educate, but also promote harm reduction through action and community involvement. This past year our outreach ambassadors organized an STI/HIV Testing Fair in SUB, and a project involving Condom Dispensers on campus is currently in the works. This branch of SIHA Local has an incredible amount of potential and is unique in that the volunteers themselves have a large amount of input and responsibility regarding the kinds of health initiatives that are explored each year.

3. Rural Projects:
All SIHA volunteers who are involved in the Peer Health or Outreach programs and attend curricula training will also have the opportunity to be involved with SIHA’s Rural Alberta Projects. The selected Rural team will implement public health initiatives and provide culturally-tailored health presentations in rural Alberta communities. This past year, SIHA’s Rural volunteers spent a week in Lac La Biche working alongside local educators to provide students with appropriate health information and skills.

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