March 2019 Registration Form
These sessions start March 14, 2019! Please ensure that you included the CORRECT email address below. I will be sending you an email to confirm registration through payment. Thanks!
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PLEASE NOTE: *Yoga Burn - The FIRST class will start Thurs, Mar 16; the second is on Sat, Mar 16 at 5:30pm. After which, all classes will resume Tuesdays & Thursdays. *Yoga Elements - The FIRST class will start on Sat, March 16 at 7pm and resume on Tuesdays on and after Mar 19. All prices include 15% HST. Yoga Burn 16 classes counts as two sessions. These rates apply to the fees for ONE registrant and cannot be shared between two or more individuals.
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Class policies
All 8-week classes require pre-registration and payment before the start of class. This allows me to offer discounted rates. Those who cannot commit for a session can always drop in for $12/class (includes tax).

Payment in full prior to class is required to secure your spot. Once you have completed this form, you will receive an email to arrange payment depending on the method of payment you have chosen above.

For 8-class participants: You can make up to a maximum of 3 classes with any other class that I offer.*
For 16-class Yoga Burn participants: You can make up to a maximum of 6 classes with any other class that I offer.*
No need to ask permission: Just show up!
*All make-up classes must be taken within the session dates you signed up for. They will expire after your session ends.
‚ÄčE.g. If you're in Yoga Bliss and miss a class, you could make it up with Yoga Elements or Yoga Burn. You may even use the daytime drop-in classes (Chair and Gentle Yoga) to make up your missed session class.

Your registration is non-transferable. Also, sharing of registrations with others is not allowed.

Should class be cancelled due to inclement weather or a personal emergency, I will notify you by email and on my Yoga Magnificat Facebook page. Please ensure you have "Liked" my page to receive up-to-date notifications. We will try to make up any cancelled classes on another evening of the week, as agreed by the majority of participants.

During winter months, if class is not cancelled due to weather but you do not feel safe driving to class, I will offer extra make-up credit if you email/message me that you have chosen to do so.

Full refunds will only be given to cancellations 48 hours after you have completed registration. I will also provide a full refund if a class you signed up for is cancelled when there are not enough sign-ups.

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Your registration is complete after payment. Here's what happens next:
Please check your EMAIL INBOX. After you submit this form, you will receive an email from Matthea of Yoga Magnificat to arrange payment details. It should arrive within 24 hours. THANK YOU!
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