Advisory On Marketing

Emerging companies and start-ups like yours usually do not require a full-time Chief Marketing Officer or CMO. It’s unnecessary and expensive. You only require CMO that can be available when needed, who can bring to the table five things. 1. Be on your side when crafting a great marketing strategy. 2. Translate corporate objectives into marketing objectives and a bottom-line driven marketing strategy. 3. A sense of purpose, direction and the how-to knowledge transfer. 4. Keep the internal marketing team lean, yet effective. 5. To groom one internal marketing team member to become take over the leadership.

Marketing is all about making people buy our products or services because of they want to. A great marketing strategy starts from this, making people buy again and again, and they will tell others to do the same. In short, a great marketing strategy is always bottom-line driven. 

Advisory — CMO On-Demand

We are here to replace the full-time CMO. For only RM900 per month, we’d like to propose a CMO On-Demand service instead. It will deliver the abovementioned via our sharp and practical marketing blueprint that works. Our work is personalised—thanks to our policy of having only 7 corporate clients at one time. We have two slots left.

CMO On-Demand, by default, will be done online via Google Meet. Each session will be for 90 minutes. We shall discuss about the marketing challenges you are facing and solve them together. The frequency of the sessions will be twice a a month. There is no contract, you can cancel the engagement anytime. 

Clients do not engage us long-term. Usually it will be just about six (6) months or less. The longest is only twelve (12) months. After that, the internal marketing team will be confident enough to take over the work, forward.

The work

Building a structured marketing strategy involves various stages. The first part is the part where we need to understanding the present playbook. The second part is all about taking care of the fundamental layer and gaps we need to fill up in order to onboard users or customers better. The third part is to run the marketing push better. And the final part is to make them stay longer with you. There are sub-layers within all these, which all of them must be done to deliver the ROIs we're after.

Let's talk

With RM900 per month, you will get to have these are the marketing structure built for your internal team. In 6 months or less, they will be ready to be independent and run it almost-automatically with your purview as the C-suite. This is a month-to-month engagement. And there is no contract. You can cancel anytime.

Let’s talk if you need this. Or, if any of your business circles are searching for this, let us know too. You will be compensated with our one-time referral fee of RM900 once the deal is done. Should our slots are full, we will have them in queue.

Visit About NSE Interactive to learn more.

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The fee is only MYR900 per month. Each month, there will be two sessions of 90-minute each. All sessions, by default, will be done via online through Google Meet. Physical session is available upon-request only. A one-time setup fee of MYR900 is also required for us to research your business, industry and customers behaviour. Unlimited text interaction via WhatsApp is given complimentary.

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