Call for Proposals: Community College and the Future of the Humanities
Convened by LaGuardia Community College and the Graduate Center, CUNY
October 18 and 19, 2018

Community colleges are redefining the importance and centrality of the humanities to the lives of the “new majority” of students, both during their academic careers and after graduation. To explore and celebrate the role of humanities within community colleges and across the broader landscape of higher education, the CUNY Humanities Alliance invites proposals from college students, graduate students, faculty, and administrators for interactive sessions at “Community College and the Future of Humanities” conference. We seek a wide diversity of voices, perspectives and positions, and strongly encourage applications from scholars of color, people with backgrounds historically underrepresented in the academy, and people with direct experience in community colleges.

Please fill out the proposal form, which includes information for each of the presenters, a 200-word description of your proposed topic, and a 100-word description of your proposed format.

Proposals are due by March 31, 2018.

Information you will need to complete this submission:
In order to complete this submission process, you will need the information for each of your presenters (including name, gender pronouns, email address, primary institution or college, title, city, state, and short biographical statement). If presenter information changes in the future, or you have more than 7 presenters, you can send an email to with that information.

We will be giving preference to pre-constituted groups of presenters who come from different institutions, particularly different types of institutions. For example, a proposal from a Community College student, Graduate Student from another institution, and Professor or Administrator from a third institution, would be especially welcome! But, we will also accept proposals from an individual or a pair who are interested in being partnered with other proposals to form a workshop.

You will also be asked to select one of the main thematic topics that your session fits into:
-Innovative Pedagogies: Community College Pedagogy and Curricula in the Humanities
-Transfer and Continuity: Pathways between Community and Four-year Colleges
-Diversity and Inclusion: Learning and Life Circumstances of the “New Majority” College Student
-Value of Humanities: examining, articulating, and affirming humanities education in the lives and careers of students, and for the broader public
-Research and Professional Pathways: Connecting interests, research, teaching, and professional development

You will need to provide a description of your topic (max 200 words), and three keywords that could be associated with your topic.

You will also need to describe the format you plan to use for the session (max 100 words) and provide any technical or space requests (though we cannot guarantee that all requests can be filled).

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