Brindavani - Performance Opportunity Application
Thank you for your interest in performing at Brindavani events! Please fill out this form so that we can get a sense of who you are as a musician and keep you in mind for the best opportunities for you.

Please note that due to the large number of interested performers and limited number of available concerts, we cannot guarantee that completion of this form results in a confirmed concert. Brindavani reserves the right to make all final decisions about concert scheduling.

***If you've performed at a Brindavani event in the past, you do not need to fill out this application! ***

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In order to perform at Brindavani, we expect that applicants are at a level where they are able to present or accompany formal concerts. Please note that Brindavani does not currently have opportunities for school group performances.

For main artists and instrumental accompaniments, this means performing with:
-Previous experience performing with accompanists/as an accompanist in a traditional concert format
-Good pitch and command over gamakhas
-An understanding and grasp of thalam and layam
-Manodharma -- at least alapana, neraval, and kalpana swaram -- in a fair amount of ragams and thalams
-For main artists: the ability to plan and execute a clean concert, with help if necessary
-For accompanists: the ability to respond to the main artist's manodharma (with prior knowledge of their raga/song choices) and support the main artist

For percussive accompaniments, this means having:
-Previous experience performing as an accompanist in a traditional concert format
-The ability to accompany songs, neraval, and kalpana swaram in all common thalams (at least Adi, Rupaka, Misra Chapu, and Kanda Chapu) with adherance to layam
-The ability to follow kanakku found in songs or kalpana swaram
-The ability to play a 5 minute thani in at least Adi, Rupaka, Misra Chapu, and Kanda Chapu
-The ability to support the main artist

The Brindavani Team reserves the right to make the final judgement about whether participants have met the above guidelines.
By signing my name below, I confirm that I, the musician, have read and understood the above guidelines. *
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