2018- 2019 KAMS Leadership/Yearbook Application
Incoming 8th grade Due by March 21. 2018
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2018- 19 KAMS Yearbook and Leadership Student Contract
Leadership students are considered by the staff and Administration of KAMS to be “model” students. They are held up as examples in both their academic performance and their personal conduct. Leadership class means you are willing to devote time and energy to the student activities and student/staff recognition programs of KAMS. More than simply giving of your time and talents, you are here to learn skills that will allow you to become a more efficient organizer and leader.  

Due to the high visibility, personal independence, and responsibility required of Leadership students, the following limits are placed on each individual’s participation in the student Leadership program:

A KAMS Leadership or Yearbook Member must maintain a GPA of 3.00 with no D's or F’s. Your grades will be monitored and evaluated at the end of each month.

Permanent and immediate removal from the Leadership program will result from:
Cutting any class.
A “U” (Unsatisfactory Citizenship) in any class at the end of a session.
Involvement in any activities inside or outside of school that would not be acceptable on campus.
Compromising their positive role model status.
Involvement in any violent or illegal activity in or out of school.
3 violations of the dress code – 3 strikes you're out. Any violation of the California Education Codes (See handbook for dress code).
2 or more detentions for any reason. Teachers will keep me updated, so avoid any detentions.
Suspension, referrals, or before school detentions.
Less than a “C” level of participation in the Leadership program.
Not attending or participating in ASB functions.  More than 1 unexcused absences from ASB Events.
Parents/ Guardians, please be aware of the following:  

Students and parents will sign an agreement and commit to specific guidelines listed above and below.  In order to have a quality Leadership programs such as Yearbook and Leadership, students must meet specific deadlines and plan quality school wide events. KAMS Leadership students must be very dedicated. Students will plan, work, and attend several events that will occur during the school day and after the school day. They will help organize Spirit Weeks, Kids Can, Dances, Rallies, Quad games, fundraising events, 6th grade Ice Cream Social and much more. If a student becomes more social than productive, is continually late and/ or misses class or deadlines, or has any behavioral issues, the student will be removed from the class and given a pass/fail grade and total credits earned to that date.  

2018- 19 Yearbook/Leadership Expectations
Parents and will be made aware of the following and will agree and support:

Student Supervision
Occasionally it is necessary for a KAMS Leadership student to leave the classroom to complete interviews, set up school events, film KAMS TV, engage in publication related activities, etc. During any time a student is out of the Leadership classroom, he/she must sign out indicating time out, destination, and time returned. Also, there will be times Leadership students are independently working on campus in a classroom not directly supervised, he or she is responsible for making the best choices. All school rules apply during any ASB/ Leadership activity in and out of classroom. Leadership students are trusted to act maturely even when the advisor is not looking. During this time, a KAMS Leadership member may not be 100% supervised and will be trusted to make right choices. If any school rules are broken, student can be removed from their Leadership role.

Digital Camera/ Technology Usage
KAMS Leadership students are expected to be responsible for school-owned equipment used in this elective including:  digital cameras, scan cards, batteries, sound system, and helium tank, iPods, iPads, video camera, cash registers, etc. Parents, your child will be required to pay for lost or damaged equipment if lost, broken or damaged while checked out to your child if they use it in an irresponsible manner. No responsibility will be blamed on the students for accidental damage. In the past as long as students act in a responsible manner, all school equipment items has been kept intact.  All technology equipment must be cared for in a businesslike manner and misuse will not be tolerated. Students will be trained in the use of the equipment.

Photo/ Video release
I give my authorization for my son/daughter to be photographed when participating or leading KAMS student events. I also give my authorization for these photos to be used to promote KAMS on the internet, newspaper, or school loop. I also give my authorization for my son/daughter to promote Katherine Albiani Middle school on local news stations.  

Please state below how your parents and you will support and agree to the above Contract and Expectations. Please explain why you feel the above state is important. In your statement please state that you agree to support it.
All about you- The Leader!
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I will be applying for the following: *
Please check all that apply. If you are wanting to run for an ASB Officer, you must have apply for a year long elective in Leadership. If you do not make it as an officer or staff member, you will become a mentor to 7th graders.
Are you interested in being involved in KAMS TV production (must be in Yearbook or Leadership yearlong) *
Teacher Recommendations
Please write down 3 current KAMS teachers who you would like to ask to give you a recommendation as a KAMS Leader for 8th grade. *
Important Questions about yourself
Please answer honestly and to the best of your knowledge
Have you had any discipline problems as a 7th grader at KAMS? *
If yes, explain what it was in the box marked other and tell how it was resolved.
How many tardies have you had this year as a 7th grader? *
How many absences have you had this year as a 7th grader? *
Please list your GPA for 1st term, 2nd Term, 3rd Term and current grades for 3rd term of your 7th grade year. *
Do you work well with others or alone? *
You might be under a lot of pressure from other students for favors, free stuff, etc. How will you handle this? *
What personal qualities do you have that will be a positive contribution to the Leadership or Yearbook class next year and what positive influences will you have at KAMS as a Leadership or Yearbook student? *
There's a time to play and a time to have fun in Leadership. As a Leadership or Yearbook student, you will be asked to work hard and to participate in many of the campus activities. You will also be asked to help set- up and clean- up activities and be here beyond school hours sometimes. What will you do to make sure that you are here to fully support your fellow Leadership or Yearbook students during these times? *
What is your idea of community Service Learning projects? *
Publicity Flyer you must complete for application
Please follow directions for each section below.
To finish your application you must do the following for both Leadership and Yearbook. Please create a flyer that can be used to publicize the 8th grade Promotion Dance. You must follow these guidelines. Submit your flyer as a Google Doc to Ms. McNeel for Leadership and to Mrs. Hills for Yearbook by February 9th. *
The flyer must include: Date: May 20, 2017 Time: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Cost: $10 w/ ASB $12 w/o ASB and $15 the day of Dance Theme: “Under the Stars” Free Refreshments, photo booth and a special gift. Format information: • Paper needs to be 8 ½ ” x 11” • Follow the 3 C’s: clear, concise, and creative • Include all the information. The flyer you create could be used to publicize an upcoming the event. Use this activity to demonstrate your varied abilities. It will be scored as part of your application process. If you are applying to Yearbook share with Mrs. Hills. If you are applying for Leadership share with Ms. McNeel.
Mandatory Dates... You must attend
You are required to be at the following dates. These are ASB/ Yearbook events that can not be done without your Leadership service. You cannot apply to Leadership or Yearbook if you cannot attend all events listed below: *
Achievements and Involvement
Read the following directions and do not list anything prior to the fifth grade year.
List all academic awards you have received and the years you received them. *
List all the nonacademic awards you have received and the year you received them. *
List all the clubs you have been involved in both in and out of school and indicate the years involved. Please include music study, theater, sports teams, etc. *
Write 3 words that best describe you. *
What do you think it means to be a Leadership/ Yearbook student at Katherine Albiani Middle School? *
What is your greatest strength? *
Explan using an example.
What is your greatest weakness? *
Explain using an example
What Leadership roles have you held in and outside of school *
Expain using an example or write "none."
Current Skills
Check the items that you currently know how to use/do. *
List anything else you think Ms. McNeel or Mrs. Hills should know about you: *
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