Temple of the Silver Star (Academic Track): Application for Admission
I, the undersigned, hereby request admission to the ACADEMIC TRACK of the TEMPLE OF THE SILVER STAR. I understand that enrollment in the TEMPLE OF THE SILVER STAR is conditional upon review by the Admissions Committee, and that further materials (such as college transcripts) may be requested of me. I understand that an interview also may be requested prior to the granting of admission.

ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION: Proficiency in reading and written expression in English, and acquaintance with the basics of mathematics, physical science, philosophy, psychology, and the humanities. This educational foundation may be acquired through traditional undergraduate education, or through equivalent life experience and self-education. Applicants should discuss the ways in which they feel they meet these requirements when composing their autobiographical statement (within the application below).
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Please write a brief autobiographical statement, explaining: your educational history; your reasons for seeking admission to the Temple of the Silver Star; your history of interest and participation in religion, spiritual practice, magick, and mysticism; other details of your life that may help us get to know you; and any brief additional statement you may wish to make. *
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