A Legal Challenge to Admissions Policy of Prestigious Universities: A Forum with Edward Blum
挑战名校对亚裔的种族歧视 --Blum亲自解析哈佛和德州大学诉讼
Hosted by Silicon Valley Chinese Association Foundation.

You are cordially invited to a public forum featuring civil activist Edward Blum and attorney Will Consovoy, as well as a slate of renowned experts on equal opportunities for education, including Ward Connerly and Prof. Chenming Hu.

When: 2-4:30 p.m. Saturday May 30, 2015
Where: 2077 Gold St., Alviso (part of San Jose), CA 95002 (The Gold Building)

FREE ADMISSION, but any amount of donation to offset the travel costs of Mr. Blum and Mr. Consovoy would be appreciated.

Suggested donation:
* Option 1: $10 or more per adult (18 or older) via PayPal donations@svcaf.org
* Option 2: $10 or more per adult cash at the door
* Option 3: $20 to become an SVCAF annual sponsor via PayPal donations@svcaf.org
* Option 4: $20 to become an SVCAF annual sponsor via cash at the door

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http://tinyurl.com/blum530 or http://goo.gl/forms/uAXNdKFMSs
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