At Church of the Palms, it is our vision to provide people with resources and opportunities to facilitate their well-being in mind, body and spirit. In our effort to serve you, please respond to the following questions...
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Which service do you typically attend? *
What style of worship do you prefer? *
On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the least, and 5 being the most), how likely are you to attend short-term classes, led by a pastor or worship leader, on Sunday mornings in additional to regularly-scheduled worship? *
If you were to attend a class on Sunday morning, what would you be interested in? *
How likely are you to attend an IN-PERSON Bible Study on Wednesday evenings, taught by a pastor? (1=Least, 5=Most) *
How likely are you to come to a reasonably-priced MEAL on Wednesday evenings? (1=Least, 5=Most) *
How likely are you to WATCH a Bible Study taught by a pastor through an online video, whether live-streamed or later on YouTube, INSTEAD of attending in person? (1=Least, 5=Most) *
How likely would you be to listen to a PODCAST of a devotion or class? (1=Least, 5=Most) *
How important is FELLOWSHIP TIME after worship? (1=Least, 5=Most) *
For those who prefer CONTEMPORARY WORSHIP , at what time would you prefer that service to begin? *
For those who prefer TRADITIONAL WORSHIP, at what time would you prefer that worship to begin? *
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