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We are very happy for your interest in participating in the DTS in YWAM Cáceres. This form aims to get to know you better and thus, according to God's direction, accept you as an DTS student.

Before you start filling it out, we have some instructions:

- Be as honest as possible!

- If there is information that we have not asked you but you think are important that we know, do not stop writing.

- Read the entire form BEFORE you start filling out, and be sure you have all the necessary information. You cannot start filling and finish at another time. It is not possible to save what you have already filled in and continue later. One tip: answer the longest or deepest questions in your text editor and then paste in the form.

- Apart from this form, you should ask your pastor to fill out the form that corresponds to him. The same is on our website.

- You must also send us by email:

      > Photocopy of the NIE / DNI or Passport with the expiration date of the visa.
      > Photocopy of your European health card or health insurance (if you already have it)
What is your focus option? *
Name *
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Age *
Place of birth *
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Passport Number *
Date of issue
Obligatoria en caso de haber introducido pasaporte.
Expiration date
Do you have a visa for Spain or Residence Permit? *
Expiration date
Marital Status *
Date of marriage
Name of spouse
Do you have any children?
If so, please list their names, birthdays and sex
Will your spouse and/or children accompany you to the DTS?
Clear selection
In case of emergency, contact: *
Two contacts (names and telephone with international code)
Do you have any health insurance which copper in other countries? *
Expiration date
Christian Experience
Describe how you came to know Jesus Christ and had a personal relationship with him. Describe events and steps that brought you to that point. *
Describe your subsequent spiritual growth. Comment on events or spiritual experiences in your life which led to new levels of understanding and/or commitment. *
Give an explanation of your understanding of the need for world evangelization. (Give scripture references) *
Why are you now applying for more music and missionary training? Share events or any influences which have brought you to this point. Also include any specific guidance which you believe the Lord has given you. *
How did you hear about Youth with a Mission? *
Have you had any previous involvement with YWAM? *
If so, please give locations and dates along with a description of your involvement.
What were the influences that caused you to apply to YWAM? And more specifically, to YWAM Spain? *
Does your pastor/spiritual leader know that you are applying for a DTS? *
What are your pastor’s attitude toward your participation in an DTS? *
Pastor’s/spiritual leader’s name: *
The one that will fill in your reference form.
Pastor's/spiritual leader's phone: *
Pastor's/spiritual leader's e-mail: *
Church name and address: *
Denomination: *
List the churches which you have attended for any considerable length of time from your childhood to the present. Indicate with an “X” those of which you were a member: *
Church / City-State-Country / Years or months of frequency
How do you foresee using your DTS experience to benefit your home church? *
Note: please remember that you need to speak with your pastor before we can accept you for DTS appliance.
How much formal or informal Bible training have you had? (give details) *
Are you an ordained or a licensed clergyman? (give details) *
What experience have you had in artwork and evangelization? *
What are your habits regarding your devotional life:
a) Prayer *
b) Personal Bible study *
c) Family devotions *
What christian books and magazines have influenced you the most? *
What other periodicals do you read?
What level of education have you completed? *
List all schools attended beyond secondary school: *
Name-Location / Dates / Diploma-Degree
What experience have you had in language learning? Rate your proficiency by placing numbers (1 to 5) after each language listed (5 is high) *
Language / Length of Time / Where / Proficiency (1 to 5)
Family and Health
Name of parents *
Parents’ Address *
Parents’ Phone *
Parents’ church affiliation *
Are your parents separated? *
Are your parents divorced? If so, when did this occur?
If either of your parents are deceased, please give the date of their death and your approximate age at the time.
Have you spoken with your parents about your desire to attend to DTS? *
What are your parents’ attitude toward your participation in a DTS? *
Are you engaged? *
Do you plan to attend the school together? *
If you have ever been divorced or separated, give details of each instance, including the dates of each marriage and divorce.
Have you habitually used tabacco? *
If so, please indicate: a) When? b) In what quantities?
Alcoholic beverages? *
If so, please indicate: a) When? b) In what quantities?
Drugs? *
If so, please indicate: a) When? b) In what quantities?
Have you ever had psychiatric treatment? *
If so please give details of received treatment, dates and/or present difficulty. *
Do you consider your health: *
Have you ever had any physical disabilities? If so, how long? Please give a brief description. *
Are you presently taking any medications, under medical supervision or on a prescribed diet or something we need to know? If so, please describe the treatment. *
Do you have any health problems or physical limitations which might hinder you in varied climates and/or adverse living conditions? If so, please explain. *
Job Experience and Abilities
What kind of job training or practical education do you have? (i.e.- auto mechanic, nursing, B.S. in business administration) *
What is your present occupation? *
What are your hobbies? *
Students are assigned to work duties as a part of their practical training and will also be expected to participate in the many responsibilities that are implies by community living.Please check any and all skills that you have: *
Driver's License *
Where were you licensed?
Interest in Missionary Service
What type of ministry are you interested in following after your DTS training? *
What length of service do you anticipate with Youth with a Mission? *
If you are presently planning on only the Discipleship Training School, could you please briefly describe your plans following the DTS? *
Do you want to be a missionary? *
Do you have a call to work in foreign missions? *
Do you believe you could live under pioneer situations? (i.e.- live with low central heating in winter, different food and culture, dormitory housing or small quarters for family, live in a tent for several weeks if necessary on outreach, etc.) Please comment. *
Have you lived in or visited other countries? Where and when? *
Is there a particular country, part of the world or people group that you believe God might be leading you toward? *
I expect to serve with YWAM Cáceres *
from __/__/_____ until __/__/_____
I understand that I may need to live in difficult pioneering situations and may need to make adjustments in lifestyle areas such as food, housing, mode of transportation, etc. I am willing! *
If I am accepted by Youth with a Mission, I will abide by the spirit, rules and schedule of the program. *
Day ____ Month _____ Year __________ Your name __________________________________
Financial Resources
Each leader and staff member is expected to trust God to provide for his/her course fees and personal living expenses. Each prospective student is expected to do the same. As you do the possible (use savings, earn money, sell things you do not need as directed by the Lord, raise financial support) then God will do the impossible as you pray in faith and follow the path He has set before you. Where God guides, He also provide.
Give names of any dependents which you have and to what extent you are obligated to them. *
Other financial obligations.
Financial Statement
This is to help you prepare economically for your stay with us. Fill in the fields with the values that we inform and with the amount of money that you have or will have.
1. Lecture phase fee *
Countries of category A: € 2,000 / Countries of category B: € 1,750 / Countries of category C: € 1,500 - If you have doubts about which country you are in, check this link: http://uofn.edu/nation-category-list
2. Outreach fee: €1.600 *
3. Personal expenses (min. 100 Euros per month) *
4. Extras activities during the school: 300 Euros *
5. Total amount needed (sum from 1 to 4) *
6. Amount available at present *
7. Amount still needed (deduct 5 from 6) *
My church, family and/or friends will support me with (amount) $____________ US$ or Euros *
I agree to pay all financial obligations due before the end of school. *
Date _____ Name __________
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