Collegedale Cycling Festival Event Application
Hello! Welcome and thank you for your interest in the first ever Collegedale Cycling Festival!

If you are interested in hosting an event or program during the festival, please fill out the application below. This application is not meant as a barrier to anyone or any organizations, but rather will help us organize and make sure two similar events aren't happening at the same time.

Just about anything having to do with bicycles and cycling is accepted! The types of events we are looking for (for example): Mountain biking group rides (separated into mens and womens and skill levels); Road biking group rides (again separated); family rides and activities along the greenway and at the Commons; classes, how-tos, or instructional sessions; any fun bike activities that maybe aren't riding (think games); or anything "new" to the Chattanooga area!

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Which element of the festival will your event fall under? (Please select one. If you are unsure, select "other" and we will work to find the best place for it.)
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