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I hereby request permission to use display space located in and around Save The Bay Center in Providence, Rhode Island to showcase paintings, photography and jewelry by local artists for Artists for the Bay Show & Sale.I acknowledge: I am a local artist; My Artwork is appropriate for all ages; I am responsible for providing artwork not exceeding 18 inches in length and 18 inches in height; I certify that I am the artist who created the work.
In consideration for permission to showcase my artwork at Save The Bay Center, I hereby agree:

• To voluntarily, willingly, and knowingly assume the risks of showcasing artwork at the Bay Center;
• To hold Save The Bay and/or its agents, harmless and free from any and all loss, liability, costs, damages or claims of any nature arising from, growing out of, or concerning any and all liability that may result from my participation in “Artists for the Bay Show & Sale”; and
• To give Save The Bay the right to display or reproduce all work for promotional purposes, including reproduction on the Save The Bay Web site, any online auction website and in news media.

NOTE: ANY ART LEFT FOR MORE THAN A MONTH AFTER THE SHOW WILL BE CONSIDERED ABANDONED. SAVE THE BAY doesn’t have storage for artwork left behind and will not be responsible for any artwork after a month from the date of the last pick up date on February 1.

The proceeds from all sales of art will be split between the artist and Save The Bay on a 50-50% basis.

By printing your name below, you have agreed on all terms.
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