P2P Helper Application (2019 Fall)*
Please complete this registration form in order to become a P2P Helper. Please read the instruction carefully and put all the information correctly. Thank you!
** All Your Information will be kept confidential.
I read and understand that P2P participants have the responsibility to:
1. Attend P2P program on time and follow assigned schedules. *
2. Follow rules, procedures, and processes. *
3. Respect the authority of staff members & supervisors. *
4. Respect the rights and property of others. *
5. Refrain from using words, images, or gesture that are obscene, violent, disruptive, or disrespectful. *
6. Refrain from bullying or hurting other participants. *
[IMPORTANT] I understand I am allowed only THREE absences during the program; if I miss more than three times I will be terminated and lose volunteer hours. *
[IMPORTANT] I understand and I agree that I will send required documents; 1. P2P agreement form 2. demographic income information form 3. school report cards with attendance record for last semester(2019 Spring) *
[IMPORTANT] I understand and I agree that I will send required documents on request during P2P program. ** If you do not complete evaluation of P2P on request during P2P program, your volunteer hours cannot be accumulated *
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