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CareStarter's goal is to include every resource that supports families in our app. Being included on the CareStarter app does not have any cost (though if you want to support free information, there will be details at the end of this form!). It is possible that your organization is already included in the CareStarter app, but we still recommend you fill out this form. We would rather double check and ensure all of your information is included and up-to-date than risk not including you!

If you have any questions, reach out to the CareStarter team at (no 'm' on the end, that's not a typo!).
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This section is focused on you. We want to be able to reach you so we can ask any clarifying questions, share a screenshot of your listing in the CareStarter app, and other communication specific to this form. We do not sell your information to anyone.
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Now we have some questions about your organization. This is information that you want families to see.
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If you don't have a website, please include whatever online location you have (such as a Facebook business page).
Organization Phone Number
This should be the phone number that you want a family looking to learn more about your services to call.
Organization Address
This is the location that a family would physically go to in order to utilize your services. If your organization has multiple locations, enter the one at which you work.
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Tell Us More About the Work You Do *
By telling us about the work you do, you are helping us provide precise information to families about your services. In addition, we can use your response to craft a description for your organization's listing (please note that the description in the app is limited to 200 characters for organizations that are not featured).
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