School Climate Survey - Elementary Students
We want to know what YOU think about your school. This is NOT a test. There are NO wrong answers. YOUR answers are private. NO one will be told how you answered. Filling out this survey is YOUR choice. You do NOT have to answer any question if you do not want to, but we hope you will answer as many questions as you can.

Please read each question and choose No, Yes, or Sometimes for the answer that most closely fits your opinion. We appreciate you taking the time to do the survey.

My school is kept clean. *
I feel safe around the outside of my school.
I like my school building
I feel safe in the hallways and bathrooms of the school
I feel safe in my classroom
Students at my school help each other when needed
Students at my school are well-behaved
Most students in my school try to talk to other students if they are having a problem with them.
Most students come to class prepared.
Most students in my school try to do their best.
Most students in my school treat each other well.
My teachers notice if I have trouble learning something.
I am bored in school.
My teachers listen to me.
My teachers would give me help if I needed it.
The homework I get from my teachers helps me learn
My teachers give me work that is interesting.
Teachers and other adults here listen to students ideas about the school.
My family wants me to do well in school.
My parents ask if I've gotten my homework done.
I want to explore and learn new things.
My teachers make learning interesting
My teachers are proud when I do well.
My teachers want students to talk with other students about things we are studying.
Students at this school are bullied.
Most students in my school get mad when they disagree with people.
Adults who work in my school treat students with respect.
My teachers really care about me.
Students at this school are teased, picked on, made fun of, or called names.
My teachers help me do better on my school work.
Most students in my school treat each other with respect.
My teachers treat some students better than others.
I feel like I am part of this school.
I actively participate in class.
I like school
I wish I went to a different school. *
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