GHES Career Day
Theme: Spring Into STEAM
Parents/Guardians-If you or someone you know works in a "STEAM" career (Engineers, Artists, Designers, Inventors, Medical Professionals, technology, etc.), and is interested in volunteering as a Career Day speaker at Gold Hill Elementary School on Friday, February 22nd, please complete this form as soon as possible. Speakers will present for 10 minutes to three different groups of students within a block of time (see below). If you have any questions, please contact Renee Archuleta, school counselor, at Mrs. Archuleta will follow up with you within a few days of completing this form.
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Do you have a child or family member/friend who is a student at GHES? *
If yes, what is the name of your GHES student(s)?
Please choose at least one block of time that you would be available to present on Friday, February 22nd. (I will email you to confirm a time) *
We are asking speakers to present information to students about their career, and career journey, in a fun and engaging way. Use of photos/videos and interactive activities is highly encouraged to keep your audience engaged! You will have access to a computer and Smartboard. Please remember to keep it within the 10 minutes time frame. What might you use to keep your audience engaged? Check all that apply. *
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