ISTA Temple Arts Festival | ISRAEL 26-29 May 2021
Welcome to the threshold of the 8th Israeli ISTA festival happening on the cliffs of the Judean Desert, overseeing the Dead Sea (lake)

At the end of this form, you will receive the link to purchase a ticket. Please take a moment to fill the form as it is very important for us to understand who is embarking on this magical ride with us.

All the information you share below is for internal use only, and support us in preparing for this journey.

We are super excited about this, and we are here to make the container as safe as possible for all of us.

* We reserve the right to decline or cancel the participation of anyone that we feel this festival is not a good fit for.

* We reserve the right to cancel the ticket and participation of anyone that fills fake or incomplete information in this form and refund them minus a 5% admin fee.

With wild love
The ISTA Temple Arts Team.

For more info, you can visit our website
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Our intention can work like a spell, it would not change the reality around us, but may shift our inner reality which will affect the outer as well. Setting an intention for the journey opens our senses and consciousness to be more receptive to the signs around us. After you put the intention, try to release expectations regarding the way you will meet what you asked for, it may come in many ways.
What Does Consent mean to me *
Please describe shortly your understanding about consent.
My experience in the sexual shamanic field is: *
Please choose 1 photo that resonates with you intuitively. By choosing so you will be assigned to your pod - a group of up to 10 people with which you will have an intimate heart sharing space in each day of the festival, As well as two online meetings for sharing. 1 Before the Festival for preparation, and one after the festival for integration. Your Pod leader will contact you prior to the festival for a short check-in and further information. *
I declare that I am an adult, I'm able to take care of myself and to choose what is good for me. I am coming to the ISTA festival out of my own free will. I am aware that this festival includes nudity and sexuality. I take full responsibility for all my actions and interactions, on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I agree to be respectful of mine and other people boundaries at all times. I agree to ask for a clear verbal consent before any interaction of an intimate nature. For my own and others well being, I agree to connect intimately with others only when there's a full "YES" from anyone involved and to respect "NO" as a fully legitimate answer. I understand that "Maybe" is not a full yes, it should be considered as a "no" as well. *
Please send me relevant info about ISTA worldwide events
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