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WHAT Exactly IS The Bonus Mom Club? Why should I join?
I have designed The Bonus Mom Club in hopes of creating a ready-made support system not only for MYSELF but for all Stepmoms!
Have you been in Facebook groups ( just an example) or even your OWN timeline and felt completely judged and/or was to INTIMIDATED to even ask your question or express your TRUE feelings, for fear of someone "jumping down your throat"... or constantly worrying about your spouses EX impersonating a facebook, Instagram, twitter whatever account and seeing everything you say JUST to hold it against you???
I HAVE!!! This is the MAIN number 1, reason I have launched this community! Noone can even get the URL and especially cannot impersonate an account in this community! You only recieve a FREE TRIAL if you enroll and PAY for my course (where your credit card info ensures me of WHO you really are) OR you pay the membership fee (i still am ensured of who YOU are) and THEN you are allowed the URL and LOGIN info!
Number 2, Privacy and being JUDGEMENT FREE is CRUCIAL for me and I am sure you as well ! Every stepmom entering this community is VERIFIED!
Number 3 reason you should join and why i created this community is, this is a place to come and mingle with other stepmoms, IF YOU WANT, OR you can just come and get info without speaking up! I along with other members will be posting Stepmom related info, advice, questions etc. You can simply ask for support, encouragememt, or prayer or have a one on one with someone who you relate too!
Number 4, this is a NEW community so as a benefit of being the first few members I am giving opportunities to help partner with me on this and earn FREE membership credit for referrals AND even allowing some (serious partners) to gain money off each referrall for a period of time! So you get in while its new and can be part of the "organization" when it gets HUGE! :)
Number 5, I will be alerting all members about free courses, support groups (on and offline), and also amazing stepmom events around the globe! This is also on and offline! Eventually, if I aquire a good team I hope to create a "summit" type event where we all can come together face to face as well!
Number 6, I have a PASSION for helping others and even though this community benefits me in many ways (i have little to NO stepmom friends close by) I know if you pursue this it can benefit every single member in ways you and I never believed possible! We need a strong support system that doesnt just tell you they "understand or can only imagine" we need woman who deal with this same stuff, who fight the same battles, we need friends/support/access/privacy/nonjudgement with Stepmoms just like ourselves!
Number 7, This membership can be paid 2 ways! 1:monthly at only $25/mth or annually at $250/yr and possibilities to earn free credit and/or be allowed to profit off your referrals or work within the community (if you get in now)!
Number 8, the main rule in The Bonus Mom Club is the Golden Rule, --> if you cannot say anything nice , do not say anything at all AND treat others how you want to be treated. You WILL NOT be bullied or intimidated in this community, you WILL NOT be put down or made to feel bad about not knowing or exspressing frustration or making a mistake! You WILL NOT have to worry about stalkers or EX's, or anything leaving the group!
The rules are NOT flexible and this is for everyones well being!

So now the question is really why NOT join The Bonus Mom Club.... ummm. I have NO answer for that! :) Also, don't forget when you enroll in Stepmommin 102, you get 1 month FREE membership no risk or obligation! You can enroll in that here -->
Ready to join this amazing journey with me?? Fill out this form and I will contact you via email asap! If you dont hear from me within 24hrs please send me an email to subject line: The Bonus Mom Club and let me know what email you used to fill this form out with, sometimes I dont get notified of forms filled out immediately!

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Do you AGREE to practice the Golden Rules from above?(if you have nothing nice to say say nothing & treat others how YOU want to be treated) These are NOT negotiable *
Do you want to join with the MONTHLY Membership ($25 monthly) or ANNUAL($250 one time=1 year access) *
Do you agree to NEVER share ANY info given, seen, obtained in any way within the community and/or its members EVER and/or in ANY way shape or form AND agree that doing so esp with the intent to cause drama, turmoil, or negative impact on any member can & in most cases will be investigated which can lead to criminal prosecution as well as this ALWAYS leads to being banned with NO refunds? No member should be worried about saying anything or opeaning up and WONT be in this community. *
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Do you have any courses/information/donations you would like to share with the community for free or for a discounted price for members? if so please contact me via with the details of your ideas and enter yes here *
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You will be able to seek and give advice, support, encouragememt, friendship etc, have access to any free Stepmom resources I or other members post, as well as access to events related, support groups, course launches etc. I will do live Q&As from time to time as well. However this is not a self promotion community, (we have a sep place to look/make aware of wanted Stepmom collabs/partnerships) so if you want to offer a course or product please message me privately BEFORE posting, AGREE? *
Right now, I am allowing early (and first members) to obtain free credit(may allow profit on referrals) memberhsip for any referral they send, so if you refer someone please tell them to include your info, so you can recieve credit! Okay? *
Do YOU want to go a step further than referals and help partner this community and help me get this journey going FULL SPEED? (Limited time offer as well) if yes, please email me @ ASAP! :) *
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