FoodWorks Survey
FoodWorks is a social enterprise that provides food products for pick up and delivery in Ottawa. The primary purpose of FoodWorks is to provide vulnerable youth with the opportunity to work in FoodWorks and to learn new skills. The youth that are employed with FoodWorks are gaining an on-the-job work experience that will prepare them to find jobs in the culinary sector.
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Do you shop for your food products locally? (from businesses that grow or produce products within 100 kms of Ottawa)
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If yes. How do you prefer to shop?
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Our two most popular food products are cheese platters and charcuterie boards. Are these products that you would be interested in purchasing?
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For a cheese platter or charcuterie board for 6 - 8 people, in general, what price do you think is reasonable?
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Would consider ordering from FoodWorks?
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If yes or maybe: What would be the top three food items you would buy from our relocated window? (Please check all that apply)
Do any of the following dietary choices or restrictions apply to you or your household?
If FoodWorks were to offer beverages which of the following would you be interested in purchasing?
Can we send you an email with a discount voucher once we have opened?
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If yes, please insert your email address below:
In order to gain a better understanding of where our client base is located please enter your postal code below:
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