Toto Tales
Parents in Toto needs your Toto Tales - the kind that explain why Parents in Toto has been a valuable community resource for the past 14 years and how!
Our team is grateful to have helped many families and individuals living with autism find community, empowerment, and solutions. Navigating your challenges and celebrating your strengths with you is our greatest honor.  Will you please help us to share your story to encourage others?
Here are some prompts that you could complete to help express yourself and what you have gained:

"Parents in Toto has helped me by..."
"When I have gone to Parents in Toto, I have found..."
"My favorite experience at Parents in Toto has been..."

Or, tell your own story and share your own thoughts with us.
Parents in Toto hopes to reach out to our community and the donors to help inspire more support that keeps our mission to serve thrive and grow.
Thank you for taking this time to share the stories of why Parents in Toto Inclusive  Autism program is needed!
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