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Hi! Thanks for coming. I'd like to know a bit more about you and where you're at. We work together as a team and although the session is only 90 minutes, you'll get so much value from it if we're in synch! You'll get a chance to ask me questions at the end of the form. Once I've got your answers - and answered any questions you have - I'll send you my thoughts along with an invitation to join the session if I think we'll work well together. Have fun with your answers!
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Maximise sessions work best if you have a specific project, change, transition or development you would like to work on. Tell me about yours. Include website, social media or organisational info as relevant. *
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Where do you want to be in 5-10 years? What will you be, do and have if things go well? *
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What aspects of yourself are you most proud of? Tell me about something personal and something work related. *
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How have you supported yourself to grow, heal and learn up to this point? Tell me about coaching, training, spiritual practice and other healing work which feels relevant. *
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What's your current relationship with play? *
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What three words describe how you feel about your body these days? *
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Rate how you feel about the following things:
Yes, Definitely!
Kind of.
Not really.
Nope, not at all.
I can speak up when I'm treated unfairly.
I know what I'm good at.
I'm confident telling other people about my strengths.
Other people really value my work, my contribution and my gifts.
I'm really clear what a difference I can personally make in the world.
I always get paid well for what I do.
I enjoy conversations and negotiations around money.
I can be relaxed and "myself" when I'm working/with clients etc.
Use this space to elaborate on anything from the multiple choice questions above. *
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What is frightening you or holding you back at the moment? *
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What are you most afraid of if things don't change/you can't manage this transition well? *
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Where do you feel I can be of most help? *
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Anything else you feel you'd like help with from me? *
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This work requires about 5 hours of your time, including the session. Do you have this time available to prepare and action anything which arises from the session? *
Anything you'd like to ask or know about from me? *
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I'm really looking forward to reading what you've written. I'll be in touch really soon to let you know if and how I think we could work together. Warmest, Alice x
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