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Hello and Thank you for your interest in the Winchester Swim Team!!!

Please take a minute to complete this form and register for an upcoming New Swimmer Evaluation session

New swimmer evaluations are currently being held at the outdoor pool at Jim Barnett Park 1001 E Cork St, Winchester, VA.

Please fill out a form for each individual athlete. Evaluations will be broken up by age group, and will be swum in groups.

Each beginner swimmer will be required to swim minimum 25 yards of freestyle (head in the water) and backstroke. This evaluation should run approximately 30 minutes.

Swimmers with some experience will be required to swim several lengths of the pool, including all four of the legal strokes (Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly & Freestyle). Evaluations typically run 30 to 45 minutes.

Your swimmer will be informed of the recommended Practice Group shortly after the evaluation via email from our team Secretary/Registrar This email will contain complete details on how to register for our year round program online.

All swimmers must be evaluated before registering online for the team.

For more information such as practice schedules, practice group definitions and pricing, please visit

Thank you,
Kelly Warnagiris
WST Secretary, Registrar, Officials Chair

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