SES Parent PDEC Master Survey 

Dear Families, As a learning organization, we are always trying to grow our practices in the classroom and in our school communities. As such, we are asking you to complete this brief survey . Your feedback will let us know how we are doing in defined priority areas such as adult and student connections, culture and climate and parent engagement. Your feedback will help drive our school based goals for the 23-24 school year.

This survey is anonymous and will not be collecting emails. Please complete one survey per school that your children attend. The survey will close on May 12th at 12pm.

If you have any immediate concerns specific to your child, please bring those questions directly to your child’s teacher or school leadership instead of noting on the survey.

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My child can name at least one adult at the school that they trust and can go to for help with a school problem. *
My child has a close relationship with at least one adult at the school.
The faculty and staff at my child’s school hold high academic expectations and support learning and growth for all.
This school is sensitive to issues regarding race, gender, sexual orientation and disabilities.
I am aware of my child’s progress through communication by the teacher or through an online portal such as PowerSchool or Google Classroom.
Important information about my child's school is: (check all that apply)
There are opportunities for me to volunteer to support the school at times that work for me.
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